Monday, February 11, 2008

7 questions with Muna (Abel Tavares)

Abel Tavares (Muna) criador da comunidade e web designer at Born and raised na Praia, now USA Citizen.

1. Kal ké maior vantagi di Internet?

Answer Question # 1:

Internet plays a big role in our world, a major key in our day by day life, allowing us to communicate with others cheap, efficiently and having access to free information at our finger tips.

2. Bu comessa dja tem pocu tempu um comunidadi di sucesso: praiawebTV. Kusé ki ta inspirou na lebal pa frenti? Kal ki foi bu idea original na crial?

Answer Question #2:

Growing up and being a citizen of Praia, makes it my dream and duty, or better said, it is our responsibility to make it a better place for the future of our kids.

By finding your network, in my research for blogs and news about Cabo Verde, and becoming a member helped me realize how far we've came and that this is a great way to reach the capeverdean youth looking to be more involved, not only by expressing themselves but also by being active in projects that have an impact in our society.

3. Bu lanssa de recenti un campanha na web: GO Green. Bu atcha na bu experience, ma Berdianos podi fazi algum kusa na kel sentidu? Kusé?

Answer Question # 3:

The answer is yes, yes we can, and this answer is universal. All of us can make a difference in this matter. The benefits are real in all aspects, it will not only benefit the society as a whole by creating new jobs, it will also help in creating new resources opening doors to planting threes changing our energy system, recycling, well there is an entire awareness that comes with going green and "Go Green Praia" intends to be that moving force. Lets not forget that Cape Verde it's a very small country and we could be an international example for many nations around the world .

Today you can visit many sites on the web to find information that can help us live an Eco-friendly lifestyle.

4. Muna fazi un pergunta, bu da um resposta.

Answer Question # 4:

Where you would like to start making a difference to live an Eco-friendly lifestyle?
The answer is at home folks, from the usage of energy to what we eat and how we recycle. Using energy efficient electronics to Eco-friendly light bulbs, solar panels, wind turbines, hydraulic power, planting threes in front your yard, roof tops and many other ways of doing so.

5. Design in three words:

Answer Question #5



Revolutionizing (think outside of the Box)

6. Kusé ki bu prendi ku bu fidja?

Answer Question # 6:

So far I've learned that patience is a virtue.

7. Kusé ki bu ta cria realizaba na 2008?

Answer Question # 7:

Um parti di nhas sonhos...

Thank you and God-bless us all.

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